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  • 車管所醫院自助體檢機使用

    摘要: 自助體檢機結合了證件自助拍照機的功能,系統具有操作簡單、快速高效等優點,所有體檢項目均由系統自動完成,體檢人員根據語音提示和顯示器
    The self-service medical examination machine combines the functions of the ID self-service camera, and the system has the advantages of simple operation, fast and efficient. All medical examination items are automatically completed by the system, and the medical examination personnel can complete the operation based on voice prompts and display screen prompts. This system can be installed in authorized driving schools or vehicle management branches, which not only saves manpower at the examination station, effectively improves the efficiency of the examination, but also facilitates the people.
    Advantages of Driver Self examination Machine System:
    1、技術前沿,設備智能系統充分利用超聲波測距技術、計算機技術、 蟲控技術、圖像處理技術和軟件伎術等,實現了對體檢人員身高、體重、視力、聽力、辨色力、上肢、下肢、軀干及頸部的自動檢側。
    1. At the forefront of technology, the device intelligent system fully utilizes ultrasonic ranging technology, computer technology, pest control technology, image processing technology, and software techniques to achieve automatic lateral detection of the height, weight, vision, hearing, color discrimination, upper limbs, lower limbs, trunk, and neck of physical examination personnel.
    2. Economical, practical, and convenient for the public. This system can be installed in authorized driving schools, examination centers, or vehicle management offices. When people handle business, they no longer need to go to the medical examination station for physical examination, saving time and bringing convenience to the people.
    3. Data encryption, directly uploading the physical examination data and video data collected by this system, both encrypted and saved, and directly uploading to the background of the vehicle management office. Strong real-time performance and data security and reliability.
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