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    摘要: 現在的大多數高樓里,基本上都不會缺少電梯的,它的材質種類和風格繁多,裝飾效果和載人效果也非常好,所以現代的人還是非常喜歡這種裝置的
    In most high-rise buildings nowadays, there is basically no shortage of elevators. They have a wide variety of materials and styles, and their decorative and passenger carrying effects are also very good. Therefore, modern people still love this type of device. After the installation of the elevator door is completed, a particularly crucial task is to inspect it. This is a very important step to ensure its installation effect. Let's take a look at the details of the inspection content after installation.
    1. Door lock inspection: whether the door lock is installed firmly and evenly, whether the key is inserted and pulled smoothly, whether the lock cylinder rotates flexibly, and whether the lock hole position is normal.
    2. Door leaf inspection: Check whether the door leaf is deformed or cracked, whether the paint surface is sagging, missed brushing, or bumped, whether the surface is flat, whether there are obvious scratches, and whether the distance from the ground is considered for reserved ground decoration.
    3. Door frame inspection: Check whether the door frame is firmly and properly installed, and whether the connection between the door frame and the wall is tightly sealed, in order to ensure the performance of the entrance door and whether the door surface is cracked or damaged.
    4. Opening inspection: Check whether the door opens and closes smoothly, whether there is any abnormal resistance or wear, and whether the door lock is stable and free from shaking after tightening.
    5. Handle inspection: whether the installation is firm, whether there is abnormal resistance during rotation, and whether the surface is damaged or deformed.
    6. Door spindle inspection: whether it is complete, firm, and rotates smoothly.
    7. Hardware accessories: Check whether the door body and various hardware accessories are complete and secure, and whether there are any signs of rust or looseness.
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