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  • 社區健康小屋的作用有哪些?

    摘要: 健康小屋是通過計算機軟硬件及網絡系統把一批檢查體檢的健康儀器安裝在一個溫馨、舒適的環境下,使居民可以自主輕松愉悅地選擇體檢項目,可
    The Health Cabin is a warm and comfortable environment where a batch of health instruments for physical examination are installed through computer software, hardware, and network systems. It allows residents to freely and happily choose physical examination items, conduct multiple physical examinations, monitor their health status at any time, print integrated physical examination reports, automatically establish health records, and monitor a series of physiological parameters, A physical examination mode in which the system automatically monitors and categorizes the health status of the tested population.
    Chronic disease screening can be achieved through health huts, which are the basis for identifying high-risk groups, providing timely health guidance and intervention for people with abnormal indicators, providing strong support and guarantee for disease prevention and control work, and building a health record for the people, allowing residents near health huts to have a relatively complete understanding of their physical condition.
    As an important component of online hospitals in the community, health huts are mostly connected to nearby large hospitals. On the one hand, data on patients returning to the hospital is more complete, and on the other hand, health huts can also undertake monitoring of health indicators and chronic disease management outside the hospital for those who have been tested, discharged, and diagnosed. With the help of health huts, patients can take a good rest according to medical advice.
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