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  • 什么是全流程體檢管理軟件?

    摘要: 隨著體檢中心業務量不斷增加,傳統的體檢模式已不能滿足工作需求,工作效率亟需提高,信息化體檢軟件進入了體檢中心的視野,通過近一個月的
    With the continuous increase in business volume of the physical examination center, the traditional physical examination model can no longer meet work needs, and work efficiency urgently needs to be improved. Informatized physical examination software has entered the vision of the physical examination center. After nearly a month of debugging and experimentation, the physical examination center of Loudi First People's Hospital has officially launched the Xinglin Seven Sages physical examination software, achieving paperless, automated, and efficient operation of the entire physical examination process.
    紙筆填表 — 身份證智能讀取
    Paper and Pen Filling out Forms - Intelligent Reading of ID Cards
    Previously, personal information such as name, home address, contact phone number, etc. needed to be handwritten for medical examination.
    Now, the medical examination management software is equipped with an ID card reader, which can read ID cards, medical examination cards, network appointment information, and other methods to obtain personnel information, and automatically input it into the medical examination software, automatically printing medical examination guidance forms and barcodes. Group inspection units can import employee information in batches to computers, reducing manual writing or entry by personnel, thus greatly improving the efficiency of physical examinations and making registration more convenient.
    紙質檔案 — 電子檔案儲存
    Paper archives - electronic archives storage
    Previously, department doctors handwritten medical examination results and then submitted them to the chief examiner, making it difficult to control the quality of the examination process. Handwritten paper reports were not aesthetically pleasing and difficult to distinguish handwriting. At the same time, the storage of paper reports and archival materials requires a lot of space, making it inconvenient to access.
    Now, you can create personal electronic health records on the software, enter the ID number or medical examination number to access and view the medical examination records. Doctors in each department directly input the examination results on the computer, automatically generating a summary of the examination. The computer-generated examination report is standardized, written and beautiful, and the examination data and doctor's advice are clear at a glance. Examiners can also view the examination report online without worrying about the loss of the paper report.
    人工裝訂 — 自動生成完整體檢報告
    Manual binding - automatic generation of complete medical examination reports
    In the past, after printing medical examination reports from departments such as laboratory and imaging, secondary sorting and binding were required, resulting in a large workload. Once errors or omissions occurred, it was very troublesome to handle.
    Now, the medical examination management software has connected the HIS and LIS system interfaces in the hospital, and the examination and image results can be automatically summarized and uploaded to generate a complete medical examination report without the need for secondary sorting and binding. This optimizes the medical examination process and improves work efficiency.
    現金結賬 — 掃碼支付
    Cash settlement - scan code payment
    Previously, it was necessary to wait in line at the window, pay in cash, and have trouble changing. It was often necessary to remind the examiners to bring their own change, and a dedicated person was needed to coordinate the group inspection settlement, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive.
    Now, according to the physical examination package, detailed charges can be processed, and WeChat and Alipay scanning code payment is supported; The number of physical examination personnel and arrival status of the group inspection unit are clear at a glance, and settlement is convenient.
    The keyboard and mouse have replaced pens, computers have replaced calculators, standardized and clear physical examination reports have replaced doctors' handwritten reports, and the use of Xinglin Qixian physical examination management software has taken a big step forward in the informationization construction of the physical examination center of Loudi First People's Hospital, providing more high-quality, convenient, and efficient physical examination services for the general public.
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